I am using Eclipse Indigo (3.7) and facing issues while installing plugins onto it. Following are the steps I followed:

1. Add the download site
2. Select the plugin to be installed
3. Clicked on Next - Eclipse shows 'Calculating requirements and dependencies'
4. It shows Fetching content.jar from http://download.eclipse.org/releases/indigo/201106220900/content.jar
5. After running for some 5 mins it shows 'Read timed out'. Error reading from http://download.eclipse.org/releases/indigo/201106220900/content.jar

Note that I have a good internet connectivity. And I am able to download the file manually from browser but eclipse is facing issues in downloading from internet. Does anyone know how to avoid this problem?

Platform: Windows7 x64; Eclipse Indigo SR1

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    Had the same problem for several days. Solved by disabling AVG. – Lizozom Mar 20 '12 at 9:16
  • excellent. had the problem with any plugin on 2 diff pcs with AVG... fixed with disabling it. – Carlos Quintanilla Jul 14 '12 at 14:19
  • I had a similar problem. The answer here was useful stackoverflow.com/a/7722815/2912901 – pbible Apr 30 '16 at 1:52
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After googling for couple of hours(!), I did the following:

  1. Plugin installation will be faster if we disable the Contact all update sites during install to find the required software checkbox. This was causing eclipse to contact all update sites to find the plugin.
  2. Disabled AVG 2012 for sometime. Seems like this was causing problems to eclipse while downloading content from internet http://forums.avg.com/us-en/avg-forums?sec=thread&act=show&id=175473

Hope this helps.

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    only point 2 is needed. that will fix the issue :) thanks! – Carlos Quintanilla Jul 14 '12 at 14:19
  • It was AVG for me too, thanks! – Lucina Jul 30 '12 at 23:09
  • +1 It was avast for me... Great help ..Thanks – james Oct 20 '12 at 13:32
  • it was point 1 for me (i have no antivirus program) thanks! – Balint Pato Nov 18 '12 at 16:21
  • AVG LinkScanner was indeed the culprit. Thanks. – derFunk Nov 26 '12 at 17:34

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