I have a GridView control which is inside an ajax update panel by default session timeout for the user is 20 mins when the user clicks on paging numbers my apps shows an timeout alert. So my question is how to handle timeout issue and redirect the user to the login page in Ajax Update Panel Control.

Regards, Ricky


Thank you all who have helped me. I have solved the issue below is the source code. UpdatePanel Have 2 Callback Events which gets triggered automatically when updatepanel refreshes. Those 2 events are add_beginRequest and add_endRequest


        function EndRequestHandler(sender, args)
            if (args._error != null)
                if (args._error.name =="Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManagerParserErrorException")
                    alert("Your session has expired");
                    args._error.message="Your session has expired";
                    return false;

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