I'm a newbie in Dynamics Ax and have mountains of quesions:

*What computer programmering language do you use to code new functionality in Ax? Is it C#?

*When you do some coding, does it take place in Visual studio 2010?

*If ERP use C# as a coding lanuage, is it C# from winform or Windows presentation foundation?

*What is the main standard of IT architecture that Ax is using when you start implementing it in a company? N-tier with presentation, business and data layer?

*Does Dynamics have build in Microsoft Business Intelligence?

*What object-relational mapping (ORM) framework does it use to retrieve data from data layer to the presentation layer? Entity framework, Nhibernate, Dataset?

*If a customer has three database tool that is SQL server, Oracle and MySQL and these need to be used in Dynamics Ax, does Ax has a tool in order to combine these database and its data into one unit? Maybe you need to use SSIS etc.

// Fullmetalboy


It's not a good idea to ask more than 1 question in SO but there we go:

  • Language is X++ (propietary language, only available in AX) http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa867122.aspx
  • Before 2012 version it has it's own editor. In AX 2012 you can code something from VS but mainly you have to work in the native editor.
  • It's not C#, it's X++ http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc967357.aspx
  • AX has its own architecture. You can find more info about that on MSDN. All layers are integrated and you can't change that behaviour.
  • It can be integrated natively with Microsoft Analysis Services, and throw SQL server with all other BI systems you want.
  • AX has it's own framework. All the developer environment is a framework itself.
  • You can only install AX with SQL Server or Oracle (before 2012 version).

All of those are very basic questions than you can answer easilly in the oficial AX documentation:



Reading a general introduction to AX would help. The answers to this question applies.

Very basic facts may be found here. Most of your questions may be answered by Google search.

Sorry, asking more than one question in StackOverflow is not recommended.

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