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Why do I get “Cannot redirect after HTTP headers have been sent” when I call Response.Redirect()?

Can I do something like this :

Response.Write(displaying some gif);




Response.Buffer = true;

Response.Redirect("some URL")

Because I get this exception Cannot redirect after HTTP headers have been sent if I try.Can anyone help me out how to do this?

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The cool kids might be using AJAX/JavaScript these days but if that's more advanced than you want to get into right now, here's an old-school way of doing something similar:

Create a "landing" page that shows the GIF and which also has in it's <head> tag, <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="6;url=http://yourURL/"> where 6 is the number of seconds to wait before redirecting to the "real" page in the URL= part.

Note that animated GIFs may stop animating between the time the Refresh kicks off and when your real page's content arrives.

  • thank you!! It helped a lot :) – vinay singri Dec 6 '11 at 6:28

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