I am asking this question because the deployment steps I had been using for other application doesn't seem to work for spree application.

Please suggest me if i am missing something:

On Development Mac I run following commands & I can see the store working on localhost:3000:

brew install imagemagick

$ gem install rmagick

$  rails new store
  • put spree in gem file

    $ bundle

    $ rails g spree:site
    $ rake db:bootstrap

Using capistrano to deploy the app to http://passionate4.net/ I can following commands:

$ cap deploy:setup
$ cap deploy:cold
$ cap deploy

If you look at the http://passionate4.net/ I am getting some error.

Here is how the production.log look like

ubuntu@ip-10-166-185-18:/var/www/spree_store/current/log$ cat production.log
Migrating to CreatePosts (20111113203521)

According to above log information, when I looked into the mysql database, I was unable to find the Create Posts table.

How should i go about this problem?

FYI: It works perfect on localhost.


Try to follow these steps here https://github.com/spree/spree

Also, study this documentation on Spree here http://guides.spreecommerce.com/logic_customization.html

On capistrano, follow this documentation: http://capitate.rubyforge.org/recipes/deploy.html#deploy:cold

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