First of all, what's the difference between:




Should I pay attention to this when I do the coding?


I would highly recommend to use relative paths.

This has many advantages, for instance:

  • Paths are shorter
  • If you want to move to a different domainname you don't have to check through thousands of codelines

In general there IS a difference between: www.domain.com and domain.com. The "www" prefix is nothing more than an ordinary subdomain: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Subdomain

  • what is relative paths?? is it the "../folder/file.php"?? – sean May 8 '09 at 10:41
  • Yes [Please enter at least 15 characters.] – Chris May 8 '09 at 10:44
  • thanks chris..................... – sean May 8 '09 at 10:48

Is the registered domain and


Is a sub-domain of domain.com, they are not alway the same. Most web sites will set up their webserver to redirect domain.com to www.doamin.com or vice versa.

Depending on the DNS Zone file configuration sub-domains can point to different IP addresses (possibly different physical servers).

example.com.  A              ; ip address for "example.com"
ns            A              ; ip address for "ns.example.com"
www           CNAME ns                    ; "www.example.com" is an alias for   "ns.example.com"
wwwtest       CNAME www                   ; "wwwtest.example.com" is another alias for "www.example.com"
mail          A              ; ip address for "mail.example.com", any MX record host must be

Taken form Wikipedia - DNS Zone File


Relative urls arnt the best idea. its a good idea to have one constant hold the value for a relative url and the rest to be static

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