I wanted the imshow() function in matplotlib.pyplot to display images the opposite way, i.e upside down. Is there a simple way to do this?

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Specify the keyword argument origin='lower' or origin='upper' in your call to imshow.

  • Thanks! This works just fine – pratikm Dec 6 '11 at 6:25
  • why does default differ on different machines? Is there a way to set the default? Thanks for this answer nonetheless, in the past I tried to fix this by using matrix flips and stuff. This is much easier! – Milla Well Mar 4 '13 at 11:49
  • probably because of different versions of pyplot (they changed the convention somewhere from 0,0 being top-left to bottom-left) – wim Mar 4 '13 at 12:28

add .T after the data you want to plot


This will "transpose" the data

  • This assumes that the data being shown is a Numpy array and not a list or other structure. Specifically by calling .T means calling numpy.ndarray.T – RegularlyScheduledProgramming Sep 13 '16 at 15:55
  • 3
    Transpose is a diagonal flip. Users wanted a vertical flip. – wim Nov 22 '16 at 15:57

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