I have following data and i want to print the list of items with following structure.

Let me know how can i do that.

I can't get the data using the following syntax.

/* Data to Row Json from URL*/
NSString *MyRowJson = [NSString stringWithContentsOfURL:url
                                               encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding error:nil]; 

/* Copy data to Items from MyRowJson*/
NSDictionary *items = [MyRowJson objectFromJSONStringWithParseOptions:true];

/*get the deals data*/
NSMutableArray *ResponseData = [items objectForKey:@"deals"];

/*Get the count and based on this loop through the objects.*/    
NSLog(@"deals data count is %d",[ResponseData count]);

Here i got exception while printing the count.

Following is the structure of my data.

    "meta": {
        "code": 200
    "response": {
        "deals": [
                "id": 32373, 
                "date_added": "2011-01-13 12:12:50", 
                "end_date": "2011-01-14 10:00:00", 
                "active": 1, 
                "discount": {
                    "raw": 71, 
                    "formatted": "71%"
                "price": {
                    "raw": "85.00", 
                    "formatted": "$85"
                "value": {
                    "raw": "300.00", 
                    "formatted": "$300"
                "title": "$85 For $300 Babyface Facial At Park Avenue MedSpa", 
                "yahoo_title": "71% off Babyface Facial", 
                "url": "http://yahoo.com/aff/click/?deal=AvwTADtE&key=F374EFbM", 
                "yahoo_url": "http://yahoo.com/new-york/livingsocial/85-for-300-babyface-facial-at-park-avenue-medspa/", 
                "mobile_url": "http://m.yahoo.com/new-york/livingsocial/85-for-300-babyface-facial-at-park-avenue-medspa/",
                "images": {
                    "image_big": "http://d22nv2k05ynu7x.cloudfront.net/deal_images/deal/85-for-300-babyface-facial-at-park-avenue-medspa-1294920769_display_image.jpg", 
                    "image_small": "http://d22nv2k05ynu7x.cloudfront.net/deal_images/deal/85-for-300-babyface-facial-at-park-avenue-medspa-1294920769_small_image.jpg"
                "division": {
                    "slug": "new-york", 
                    "name": "New York", 
                    "active": 1, 
                    "time_zone_diff": -4, 
                    "lat": "40.7142690000000000", 
                    "lon": "-74.0059730000000000", 
                    "url": "http://yahoo.com/new-york/"
                "tags": [
                        "name": "Facial", 
                        "slug": "facial", 
                        "url": "http://yahoo.com/new-york/deals/facial/"
                        "name": "Spa", 
                        "slug": "spa", 
                        "url": "http://yahoo.com/new-york/deals/spa/"
                "business": {
                    "name": "Park Avenue MedSpa", 
                    "url": "", 
                    "locations": [
                            "address": "565 Park Ave", 
                           "locality": "New York",
                            "phone": "212-593-8821", 
                            "lat": null, 
                            "lon": null,
                            "state": NY,
                            "zip_code": "11211"
                "source": {
                    "name": "LivingSocial", 
                    "slug": "livingsocial", 
                    "paid": 0, 
                    "url": "http://yahoo.com/new-york/livingsocial"
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    The JSON you posted isn't valid, check it for your self jsonlint.com. the problem is "state": NY the NY needs to be quoted "state": "NY" – rckoenes Dec 6 '11 at 10:23
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    Cosider it as updated and let me know how to move ahead as the this is snippet from actual data and the data is huge so i was not able to do paste here and this might be a type... please let me know. thtanks – Jigar Pandya Dec 6 '11 at 10:40

Your are pasring the data correctly and you grab the deals from the top most node, but it is under the response node:

NSString *jsonData = [NSString stringWithContentsOfURL:url
                                               encoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding error:nil]; 
NSError *error = nil;
NSDictionary *items = [jsonData JSONObjectWithData:data options:0 error:&error];

if (!items) {
   NSLog(@"Could not parse json:%@", error);
/*get the deals data*/
NSDictionary  *response = [items objectForKey:@"response"];
NSArray *dealsArray = [response objectForKey:@"deals"];

/*Get the count and based on this loop through the objects.*/    
NSLog(@"deals data count is %d",[dealsArray count]);

Also object returned fro the JSON are inmutable, thus you can't just assign them to mutable objects. You will need to use the copyMutable methode of the inmutable type to get the mutable type. Do keep in mind that copyMutable need to released in non ARC projects.

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    Thanks for the super quick answer :) Though after breaking the bricks i meet with mountain.. How can i list down the internal properties of every section withing the deals segment. Please help in this. How to loop thought the data and put informations from their segments – Jigar Pandya Dec 6 '11 at 11:21
  • I want to print business name.. i Drilled down to get business array with four elements and now want the name. NSArray *BusinessArray = [[dealsArray objectAtIndex:i]objectForKey:@"business"]; SOME CODE TO PRINT NAME – Jigar Pandya Dec 6 '11 at 12:09

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