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in asp .net c# i use

string aa = "aa bb";
if (aa.Contains("aa"))
       //Some task       

i want to same thing in client side means in JQuery.Some thing like below.

var aa = "aa bb";
if(aa. -----want help here){

There is any method to do this.Thanks.

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Use the String.indexOf() MDN Docs method

if( aa.indexOf('aa') != -1 ){
// do whatever

You don't need jQuery for this. It can be achieved with simple pure JavaScript:

var aa = "aa bb";
if(aa.indexOf("aa") >= 0){
   //some task

The method indexOf will return the first index of the given substring in the string, or -1 if such substring does not exist.


C#'s implementation of .Contains is actually a wrapper on it's implementation of .IndexOf. Therefore you can create your own .Contains function in javascript like this:

String.prototype.Contains = function (s) {
    return this.indexOf(s) != -1;

You can use a regular expression for more complex scenarios, or indexOf for simple ones.

if (aa.match(/a(b|c)a/)) {


if (aa.indexOf('aa') >= 0) {

In Javascript you use indexOf for that.

 var aa = "aa bb";
 if(aa.indexOf('aa') != -1)

But remember that indexOf is case sensitive.

you can create your own contains method using prototype that can, if you want, handle that.

String.prototype.contains = function(value, ignorecase) {
    if (ignorecase) {
        return (this.toLowerCase().indexOf(value.toString().toLowerCase()) != -1);
    else {
        return this.indexOf(value) != -1;

alert("aa bb".contains("aa"))

Source: 'contains' method in javascript, extend the String prototype and add your own methods.


Since Java 5, contains() also exists and can be used the same way.

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