I have a facebook application which will run as a Page Tab.

The page will include items such as videos etc..

I want to give the users the ability to like/share the videos. If the URL for the videos is [http://mydomain.com/pagetab/video-1.html], how does the user get directed back to the facebook page tab when someone else clicks on the shared link in a news feed or from someone's wall? Won't they always go directly to http://mydomain.com/pagetab/video-1.html ?

Or is there a way to specify a URL with deep linking such as: http://facebook.com/pagename/pagetab/page ?


I'm not sure about liking this URL, but you can deep link in Facebook tabs using the app_data param in the query string and then within your app you can extract that from the signed_request (http://developers.facebook.com/docs/authentication/signed_request/)

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