Im using jquery to load in 2 external pages, one called search.php and the other is called info.php. I am displaying them each on a single page called user.php but only when there link has been clicked in the navigation bar. Unfortunately I am currently experiencing a problem, when I use this section of script:

$(document).ready(function() {

$('.menu_top').click(function() {
var href = $(this).attr('href');

return false;

My page seems to flicker and stall for 2 seconds before changing the content. I have noticed However if I remove the .hide and fadeIn it seems to work fine. How can I still use the fade-in but eliminate the stall and flickering?


jQuery adds .fadeIn, .hide, and other effects to it's effect's queue. So it's calling .load() instantly JUST AFTER it sends the .hide to the effect's queue/and the .hide isn't completed.

You can do a callback on the .hide method:


This allows hide to finish first.


try experimenting with .stop to see if it helps with flickering:


for flickering use animate instead of fadeIn or fadeOut

for fadeout

  $("youeSelector").animate({ opacity: 0 }, 'slow');

for fadein

  $("youeSelector").animate({ opacity: 1 }, 'slow');

and as far as the second problem goes make sure you are not including the script files twice

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