When I use a custom skin for my app I get these warnings all over the place. Yes I know why. But I don't need to be told this, and I don't like all the yellow icons cluttering up my workspace. I know if I remove the unused classes they will go away but 1) if later I decide to add a component I want the class to be in-place to style it and 2) my skin is in a shared location so even if this app doesn't use a particular class another app using the same skin probably does. So does anyone know a way to tell flex builder to ignore this particular type of warning?


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In the "Additional compiler arguments" box of the Flex Compiler section of your Project Properties, append the following to disable warnings about unused CSS type selectors:


It works just fine.

Don't just disable all warnings, it's really important to know that bindings might fail etc.


I haven't tried this, but check it out...


or this:


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