I want to build GhostScript 9.04 for Win32 and I have read the documentation to do so which details creating your own makefile project.

I was just curious about the "ghostscript.vcproj" I'm finding in the top level directory. If I convert this to VS2010, I seem to get a good build out of it.

Is there any reason not to use this "ghostscript.vcproj"? The build commandline seems to have some extra stuff in it than what is detailed in the documentation, so I was worried that it might be making some kind of specialized build. See below

"nmake -f psi\msvc32.mak SBR=1 DEVSTUDIO= && nmake -f psi\msvc32.mak DEVSTUDIO= bsc"



You can use the solutions supplied, they are fine and its what we use. If you would rather use nmake and the makefiles then that's fine too, the solutions simply use the makefiles so its sort of the same, just more convenient in some ways if you are using Visual Studio.

The 'extra stuff' is in there to support the visual studio source browser, basically to improve the experience when using Visual Studio, its not essential.

I'll see about updating the documentation in make.htm.

  • Thanks much, that's what I wanted to know! – Dan G Dec 7 '11 at 16:51

Sorry to bump a very old topic, but when attempting to compile GhostScript v.9.14.1 with Visual Studio 2015, I get these errors:

Error U1034 syntax error : separator missing lib.mak (line 51)

Error MSB3073 The command "nmake -f psi\msvc32.mak SBR=1 DEVSTUDIO= debug && nmake -f psi\msvc32.mak DEVSTUDIO= debugbsc" exited with code 2.   ghostscript C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\V140\Microsoft.MakeFile.Targets

Here's the code at line 51 in lib.mak:

GLLCMS2CC=$(CC_SHARED) $(GCFLAGS) $(I_)$(GLI_) $(II)$(LCMS2SRCDIR)$(D)include$(_I) $(GLF_)

Is there any way to remedy this?

Thank you.

PS: Does this project build the DLL? Could we build the DLL ourselves?

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    Well, it ought to work, however, 9.14 is kind of old, the current code is 9.20 and 9.21 will be released in a few weeks. I don't currently have VS 2015 installed, I'm using Team edition 2008 at the moment. You do have all the third party source there ? Including the LCMS2 directory ? You could try using nmake directly on psi/msvc32.mak and see what happens – KenS Jan 23 '17 at 14:57
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    Well, I have used VS2015 Community Edition in the past to build GS (after upgrading the project file) and it worked OK..... I'll see if anyone has a copy installed and can try it. – KenS Jan 23 '17 at 16:19
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    Checking out what U1034 means, it does look like its a bug in nmake, its complaining that there is no ':' between target and dependencies, but this is not a target line, its an assignment – KenS Jan 23 '17 at 16:22
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    According to one of my colleagues the current version of Ghostscript imports and builds without problems on VS 2015. We aren't in a position to spend time testing an obselete version though. Things have changed since 9.14 and there were some issues (regarding VS 2015) which were fixed after that release. So if you upgrade it should be fine. – KenS Jan 23 '17 at 16:51
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    I don't believe there is any difference between GPL v2 and AGPL v3 (the AFPL licence was a long time ago) as regards distribution of the DLL.I'm also reasonably certain that 9.14 was distributed under the same AGPL v3 licence (in fact the change appears to have been around 9.07). If you do go down the road of distributing the DLL with a closed-source application you are (I believe) skating on very thin ice, I am not a lawyer, but if you are going to use Ghostscript in a commercial application, you should definitely seek a commercial licence in my opinion. – KenS Jan 24 '17 at 16:26

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