I am a little confused about streaming with WebClient (WC)

  1. Data is available and I start WC.OpenWriteAsync(Uri) on Silverlight side. WORKS
  2. Data comes to my server and I can read data to my harddisc by reading the stream using context.Request.InputStream. WORKS
  3. Modified Data is uploading from Server by using Context.Response.OutputStream WORKS
  4. How to get this stream now in my Silverlight App?

WC in Silverlight side does not server any stream information of new data. I cannot download data from sever. If I start again with WC.OpenReadAsync(Uri) the WC does start a new request but does not download the data from server.



It is a rather bizare design choice to that WebClient. Its bizare because, in my experience, its a rare "POST" that only accepts content and doesn't send anything in return.

You will need to use WebRequest directly to handle both post and response.

  • thanks for your comment. Youre right like it seems. But I am working now since hours to get this stream to write and read content. I've found msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/… which does not work with silverlight. In Silverlight all calls are only async available. While watching over the ManualResetEvent and BeginGetResponse and BeginGetRequestStream which does not match with the samples, I gave up to do that. If anyone can recommend a working class where I can write binary and read binary, I would be pleased to get it. – Nasenbaer Dec 7 '11 at 8:34

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