In a symfony 1.4 view I'm attempting to pass some html/javascript in the "attributes" parameter of the sfFormField::renderRow function:

<?php echo $form['ownership_status_id']->renderRow(array('onFocus' => 'displayHelp("<p>help text</p>");'), 'Own/Rent')?>

Unfortuantely the when the page gets rendered, all of the javascript/html output is escaped:

<select name="address[ownership_status_id]" onFocus="displayHelp(&quot;(&quot;&lt;p&gt;help text&lt;/p&gt;&quot;);" id="address_ownership_status_id">

I'm not clear on how to prevent this content from being escaped, can someone help?


Try to unescape the $form variable as so:


Then call renderRow():

<?php echo $form['ownership_status_id']->renderRow(array('onFocus' => 'displayHelp("<p>help text</p>");'), 'Own/Rent'); ?>
  • I added that call at the top of the view, but it didn't seem to have any effect. The javascript/html is still escaped. – Jason Vander Zalm Dec 7 '11 at 17:38

I had to use this:

<?php echo sfOutputEscaperGetterDecorator::unescape($form['ownership_status_id']->renderRow(array('onFocus' => 'displayHelp("<p>help text</p>");'), 'Own/Rent')); ?>

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