I'm honestly going crazy with symfony. I had installed the sfDoctrineGuardUser plugin but since it was giving an error that i couldn't solve (Unknown method SfGuardUserTable::retrieveByUsername) I uninstalled it. In the file backend/config/security.yml I have currently set the option for is_secure to false.

  is_secure: false;

BUT when I access backend_dev.php it still says:

Login Required This page is not public.

I've deleted all references to sfGuardPlugin, have no other is_secure property set in inner modules, and I have cleaned the cache about 10000000 times.


  • Check symfony's log to see what and where redirects to the secure page. – Maerlyn Dec 7 '11 at 9:32

You have to remove the semicolon. The right setting is:

  is_secure: false

Finally clear your cache for production environment.


If you cleared cache and you are still being asked to login, you may want to check to see if you enabled the is_secure setting at the module level. Symfony allows for app level and module level secure access, so if your app config is set to is_secure: false, your module config may still be is_secure: true.

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