How to append and prepend a character at start and end of each file line?

I have this file structure:


What I need is to add a double quote " at the start and at the end of each file line, using regular expressions in Notepad++ editor.



Just search for


and replace with


with regular expression option activated. Regular expressions are working only on a row bases, so (.*) matches the complete row and because of the brackets around you can access the match using \1.

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Try searching ^(.*)$ and replacing by "$1".

bye ;)

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    It has to be a \1 in Notepad++, the $1 is inserted literally. – stema Dec 7 '11 at 9:53

You can match the whole, even an empty line, with


You can match a non-empty line with


You may match a non-blank line with


Now, all you need to do to wrap these lines with any text of your choice, you need to use the backreference to the whole match (see Replace with whole match value using Notepad++ regex search and replace):


If you need to wrap the whole line with parentheses, you will need to escape them since ( and ) are "special" in the Notepad++ replacement pattern, \($&\).

Whenever you need to insert a backslash, make sure you double it, \\$&\\.

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