Something that might do something like

<img  class="image" ... />


I know there are few websites where you can upload your image and it would generate the color for you but I want something to put on my website

Something like this where you see the colors generated from the screenshot and can search by colors. I tried to check the source code but I could not see any reference to a js library.

I need this feature to work with js if possible.

EDIT: The image would be on the page already; I just need to generate its color, so I don't want the uploading features.


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    No No, no uploading. Just get the color off an image in the page – aurel Dec 7 '11 at 19:20
  • Just draw the image on a canvas element and check by your self. Don't know what you expect as return of get_colors. – Prusse Dec 7 '11 at 20:54
  • Haven't used canvas before (I reacently started looking at html5) so Im going to give it a try - Do you know any resource that might cover the effect you are talking about @Prusse – aurel Dec 7 '11 at 21:08

You might be interested in this related question and my answer to another one.

Getting all the colors from an image is simple, at least in a browser that supports the canvas element - the technique is described here. You end up with a CanvasPixelArray (described here), which is essentially an array like [r,g,b,a,r,g,b,a, ...] where r,g,b,a are bytes indicating the red, green, blue, and alpha values of each pixel.

The hard part is identifying or creating a small selection of representative colors, rather than the 10,000 colors that might be in a 100x100 image. This is a pretty complicated problem, with many solutions (overview here). You can see Javascript implementations of two possible algorithms in the clusterfck library and my port of the Leptonica Modified Median Cut algorithm.

  • This is the only professional answer to this question. Thanks sir! – andreapier Mar 8 '12 at 17:58

I did write just for fun. It is a jquery plugin, if you don't use it you can read it for some pointers. If there is some error during the call to get_colors a array is set in the return value to hold the errors, it returns an array of objects, these objects are a histogram of a image(one item in the array for every selected element).

(function($, window, document, undefined){
    var canvas = document.createElement('canvas');
    if (canvas && canvas.getContext){
        $.fn.get_colors = function(){
            var rv = [];
                var tagname = this.tagName.toLowerCase();
                if ((tagname === 'img') || (tagname === 'canvas') || (tagname === 'video')){
                    //something bad can happend when drawing the image
                        var w = this.getAttribute('width');
                        var h = this.getAttribute('height');
                        canvas.setAttribute('width', w);  
                        canvas.setAttribute('height', h); 
                        var ctxt = canvas.getContext('2d');
                        if (ctxt){
                            ctxt.drawImage(this, 0, 0);
                            var imagedata = ctxt.getImageData(0, 0, w, h);
                            var data = imagedata.data;
                            //log('imagedata.width:'+imagedata.width+' imagedata.height:'+imagedata.height+' w:'+w+' h:'+h);
                            var obj = {};
                            var color = '';
                            var r = 0, g = 0, b = 0, a = 0;
                            var pix = data.length;
                            for (pix--; pix > 2; pix-=4){
                                //a = data[pix - 0];
                                b = data[pix - 1];
                                g = data[pix - 2];
                                r = data[pix - 3];
                                if (r < 16) r = '0' + r.toString(16);
                                else r = r.toString(16);
                                if (g < 16) g = '0' + g.toString(16);
                                else g = g.toString(16);
                                if (b < 16) b = '0' + b.toString(16);
                                else b = b.toString(16);
                                //if (a < 16) a = '0' + r.toString(16);
                                //else a = a.toString(16);
                                //color = r + g + b + a;
                                color = r + g + b;
                                if (obj[color] > 0) ++obj[color];
                                else obj[color] = 1;
                            imagedata = data = obj = null;
                        ctxt = null;
                    } catch(error){
                        if (!rv.errors){
                            rv.errors = [];
            return rv;
    } else{
        $.fn.get_colors = function(){
            throw new Error('canvas element support required!');
})(jQuery, this, this.document);

If a document with only one image with 4 pixels(2x2) "#ff0000, #00ff00, #0000ff, #ff0000", if you do $('img').get_colors(); it returns [{"ff0000": 2, "0000ff": 1, "00ff00":1}].

To learn how to use the canvas element you could look at MDN and at the specs in development for details about pixel manipulation.

Edit: commented out a line I was using when debugging.


Have you seen this project on Github?


It's a javascript solution. (It depends on two additional libraries: jquery, quantize.js).

var colorThief = new ColorThief();
colorThief.getPalette(sourceImage, 8);
getPalette(sourceImage[, colorCount, quality])

Which will return an array, like so: [ [num, num, num], [num, num, num], ... ]

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