I have a large html document, with several images. I want to wrap all the images inside div.wrapped. How would I do this with DOMDocument?

I've seen the appendChild method, but that only appends elements at the end. How can I insert one in the middle, and then move the image inside it?

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I never used DOMdocument before, but I think you mean something like this:

$html = <<<EOF
        <title>:( -> :)</title>
        <img src="www.com" />
        <div class="random">
            <img src="www.ru" />

$dom = new DOMDocument();

//Create new wrapper div
$new_div = $dom->createElement('div');

//Find all images
$images = $dom->getElementsByTagName('img');

//Iterate though images
foreach ($images AS $image) {
    //Clone our created div
    $new_div_clone = $new_div->cloneNode();
    //Replace image with this wrapper div
    //Append this image to wrapper div
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