Is it possible to upload file attachment with selenium in Python script?


If there is a form with file input on the page, I think it's straightforward to fill value in the input and submit the form with python api of selenium. You can find some sample code on the document page

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It can be done via:

element = driver.find_element_by_name("file")
button = driver.find_element_by_xpath("xpathToYourButton")

Now if you are in windows path to file uses backslash. To avoid issues use double backslashes! C:\ \Users\ ****\ \Desktop\ \1.jpg without spaces.

PS. I know its a from 4 years ago but I have been trying to figure this out for some time and someone might find this usefull...


Python solution to upload a video to YouTube using selenium.

from selenium import webdriver
driver = webdriver.Firefox()
driver.implicitly_wait(5) # Wait up to 5 sec before throwing an error if selenium cannot find the element (!important)
elem = driver.find_element_by_xpath("//input[@type='file']")
elem.send_keys("C:\\full\\path\to\\video.mp4"); # Window$
#elem.send_keys("/full/path/to/video.mp4"); # Linux

1 - Be smart, go slowly but surely;
2 - YouTube max uploads per day is 50, but on the first day is 100;
3 - As of 2019, youtube api is limited to 5 video uploads (◔ _◔)


it is quite simple, just record it using IDE. Upload command is working

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