I am attempting to convert a svg image to pdf using the Batik SVG toolkit on Ubuntu-11.10. I have Batik 1.7 and Fop 0.95 installed. When running the following in the terminal:

java -jar /usr/java/share/batik-rasterizer.jar -m application/pdf /home/user/Batik_Test/colors.svg  

I get the following error:

Error while converting files:
  Error: cannot access transcoder for image of type application/pdf

The one thing I did notice was that the file 'pdf-transcoders.jar' was not on the machine so I added that to /usr/share/java on the off chance that was the problem but that did not make a difference.

I would appreciate any help from anyone out there with experience using Batik on ubuntu. What am I missing?



if you have the java executable batik-rasterizer.jar in /usr/java/share/ directory, you can create a dir named lib in this same path (/usr/java/share/)

so to have


in this latest dir (lib) you will copy the pdf-transcoder.jar so to have


anyway, you need also other libs in addition to this, so, it is better for you, copy the whole content of lib directory contained in batik binary distribution zip file



only *content*, not lib, if you want copy the whole lib at once, you need to put in


  • Thanks Dingo! I'll give that a try and let you know how it works. – John Ten Cate Dec 13 '11 at 12:48
  • OK, My copy of batik-rasterizer.jar is in /usr/share/java so I added a folder there titled 'lib' and put all the files from lib in batik1.7 but I still get the same error. – John Ten Cate Dec 16 '11 at 14:57
  • please, unzip this file you have downloaded (mirror.nohup.it/apache//xmlgraphics/batik/batik-1.7.zip) and run batik-rasterizer from this same folder. I used successfully in this way – Dingo Dec 16 '11 at 22:21
  • +1 This is the correct solution. I had much the same problem on Ubuntu 12.04. The packages from the repositories inexplicably don't work (just for PDF in my case, but did work for PNG, JPEG etc), but I downloaded direct from apache and referenced their jar file and it worked for all formats. – Aitch May 22 '12 at 20:45

If you are executing Batik from fedora using the .jar file it is quite painful due to the java ignoring the -classpath flag. I assume batik in /usr/share/java Select the location according to your system One solution could be the following: create a scratch directory (I assume you are superuser, anyway you always can sudo commands)

mkdir scratch
cd scratch
jar -xf /usr/share/java/batik-rasterizer.jar

This output the content of the jar file into scratch, then create a MANIFEST.MF file or take the output one from the dump


Now edit the MANIFEST.MF file (I like to use vi, anyone use their preferred one)


Add a Class-Path: line into the MANIFEST.MF as for example:

Class-Path: batik-all.jar xmlgraphics-commons.jar xml-commons-apis-ext.jar pdf-transcoder.jar avalon-framework.jar avalon-framework-api.jar apache-commons-logging.jar apache-commons-io.jar

Then close the file and recreate the jar file

jar cmf MANIFEST.MF /usr/share/java/batik-rasterizer.jar org/*

Include all jar that batik has nested classes

Then you can use it!

java -jar /usr/share/java/batik-rasterizer.jar -scriptSecurittyOff -m image/png -d image.png image.svg

for example, and that's it!

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