I was wondering if we can print like row-wise in python.

Basically I have a loop which might go on million times and I am printing out some strategic counts in that loop.. so it would be really cool if I can print like row-wise

print x
# currently gives
# 3
# 4
#.. and so on

and i am looking something like

print x
# 3 4
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    You could always concat x and print after the loop completes :) – John Giotta Dec 8 '11 at 21:33
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In Python2:

data = [3, 4]
for x in data:
    print x,    # notice the comma at the end of the line

or in Python3:

for x in data:
    print(x, end=' ')


3 4
  • Is there a way to do it with the coma? i.e. 3,4,5,... – Sylvain Apr 11 '17 at 20:28

Just add a , at the end of the item you're printing.

print x,
# 3 4

You can add a comma after your call to print to avoid the newline:

print 3,
print 4,
# produces 3 4

If you add comma at the end it should work for you.

>>> def test():
...    print 1,
...    print 2,
>>> test()
1 2
my_list = ['keyboard', 'mouse', 'led', 'monitor', 'headphones', 'dvd']
for i in xrange(0, len(my_list), 4):
    print '\t'.join(my_list[i:i+4])
a=int(input("RangeFinal "))
print("Prime Numbers in the range")
for n in range(2, a):
   for x in range(2, n):
        if n % x == 0:
              print(n,end=' ')


RangeFinal 19
Prime Numbers in the range
3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 

Use this code for your print


For python 2:

for x in num:
    print x,

For python 3:

for x in num:
    print(x, end = ' ')

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