I'm using java, json.simple.JSONObject. I have a json object inside which I have a json array. I want to add empty values in a given postion

{"rows_map":{"2":["test1a","2011-12-08 18:13:50.6"],"1":["test2","2011-12-07 11:51:11.237"]}

Suppose i want to add values at second position

{"rows_map":{"2":["test1a","","2011-12-08 18:13:50.6"],"1":["test2","","2011-12-07 11:51:11.237"]}

How can I do this?


you can put the value by passing it's position for example


check here for more http://www.json.org/javadoc/org/json/JSONArray.html

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    put() method replaces existent object, not inserts a new one. – Pavel Alexeev Aug 26 '12 at 19:22

Just put the empty values into your array before you encode it!

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