I have a message queue and use it from java code via MQQueueConnectionFactory. I have a userid/password and need to set ApplIdentityData field, how to do it correctly (via properties, something else?)? Thanks.

  • What version of WMQ Java classes are you using? This was possible in v6 and rather easy in v7.0 but the method to do it differs. – T.Rob Dec 15 '11 at 0:32

After some investigation we solved this issue:

    queue.setBooleanProperty(WMQConstants.WMQ_MQMD_WRITE_ENABLED, true);
    queue.setBooleanProperty(WMQConstants.WMQ_MQMD_READ_ENABLED, true);
    queue.setIntProperty(WMQConstants.WMQ_MQMD_MESSAGE_CONTEXT, WMQConstants.WMQ_MDCTX_SET_ALL_CONTEXT);
    message.setStringProperty(JmsConstants.JMS_IBM_MQMD_APPLIDENTITYDATA, "....");

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