I have a couple of hundred excel spreadsheets that are stored in a SharePoint 2010 document library.

A good many of these spreadsheets have hard coded URLs that need to be updated to new URLs based on some re-structuring of our SharePoint site.

I would like to iterate through all of the spreadsheets, open them and do a search and replace and then write them back into SharePoint.

For the record, I already know how to iterate the excel spreadsheets in SharePoint (creating reference to SPFile) and run the checkout and checking commands.

I am almost very comfortable with doing the OLE Automation of Excel to do the find and replace.

I am struggling with how to bridge the gap between the two. After I grab a reference to a file and check it out, how can I do ole automation on it? Normally I believe that to open a reference to a file I would need a file path but even if I check out with the "use local" option there is not a file created into the file system (and even if there is I am not convinced that it would work to work with the temp file.)

It seems that I should be able to load it from a stream into a VBA Excel Automation object but I am not sure how.

Any thoughts?

  • Could you show us what you've built so far and tell us which part is missing? – JMax Dec 9 '11 at 14:34
  • I just looked at the VBA object model and notice that the workbook object has a Checkout method. And the description is "Copies the workbook from a server to a local computer for editing"...just what I was looking for. If that works I will post the code into my answer. Seth – Seth Spearman Dec 9 '11 at 15:48

Let's say you build this tool as a Console Application, which you run on the SharePoint server. In the Console Application code:

  1. Use the SharePoint object model to check-out the file
  2. Use the .Net WebClient.DownloadFile method to download the file to your local system
  3. Run your Automation code
  4. Use the SharePoint object model to upload and check-in the modified file

I should point out that some server administrators will not allow Automation code to run on the server itself. In this case, run the Console Application on a client machine and use the SharePoint Lists webservice to do the check-in and check-out.

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