I do not want my URLs on my Store to contain index.php. All my product pages can be accessed via addition of index.php and without it which is not good and I want to get rid of index.php from the urls.

For example, both of these urls display the same content, but I only want users to ever be directed to the second URL:
http://www.pudu.com.au/index.php/outback-mens-denim-cargo-shorts.html & http://www.pudu.com.au/outback-mens-denim-cargo-shorts.html

Likewise for content at the top level of the site:
http://www.pudu.com.au/index.php &

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Magento adds the system endpoint (index.php) to the URL path based on a configuration setting. In the admin, navigate to System > Configuration. In the Web section, open the Search Engines Optimization group and set Use Web Server Rewrites to "Yes". You'll need to flush the configuration cache and redindex URL rewrites thereafter.

  • Make sure the Magento provided .htaccess file is in the Magento root folder as well. It contains the rest of the url rewrite code. – Fiasco Labs May 6 '12 at 22:53

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