Basically, say I have this:

[sprite runAction:action];
[sprite2 runAction:action2];

in cocos2d, this would execute both at the same time. But say i want the first line to fully complete before going onto the next, how would I do that?


on the first sprite, run a CCSequence of [action,startSprite2], where startSprite2 is another action (CCCallFunc). When the 'action' completes, the startSprite2 routine routine will be invoked. Add that to your module, and in that routine start your sprite2 action.


@YvesLeborg answer is correct. There any many other ways of doing this. One way can be like this. Create two functions for each sprite action like

[sprite1 runAction:action];

[sprite2 runAction:action2];

And then on the parent scene/layer you can add a CCSequence action to that will first invoke the first action and then when first action will finish running , it will invoke the 2nd actions. i.e

CCSequence *sequence = [CCSequence actions:[CCCallFunc actionWithTarget:self selector:@selector(runSprite1Action)],
                            [CCCallFunc actionWithTarget:self selector:@selector(runSprite2Action)], nil];
    [self runAction:sequence];

I hope this helps.

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