I have a form and within it is this:

<fieldset class="billing-address">
    <legend>Billing Address</legend>
        <li class="text combi"><label for="bill-address1">Address:</label> <input size="20" value="" name="basket_order:default:bill_address1" id="bill-address1"></li>
        <li class="text"><label for="bill-address2">Address:</label> <input size="20" value="" name="basket_order:default:bill_address2" id="bill-address2"></li>
        <li class="text"><label for="bill-address3">Town/City:</label> <input size="20" value="" name="basket_order:default:bill_address3" id="bill-address3"></li>
        <li class="text"><label for="bill-address4">Region:</label> <input size="20" value="" name="basket_order:default:bill_address4" id="bill-address4"></li>
        <li class="text"><label for="bill-post-code">Post code:</label> <input size="10" value="" name="basket_order:default:bill_postcode" id="bill-post-code"></li>

For reasons too biring to go into here, I cannot get at the HTML directly and need to do things via javascript. So, I add a checkbox and label above using the following:

$('.billing-address ol').before('<input type="checkbox" id="billing-add-different" /><label for="billing-add-different">My billing address is the same as my delivery address</label>');

          $('.billing-address ol input, .billing-address ol select').css('background','#CCC').attr('disabled','disabled');
          $('.billing-address ol input, .billing-address ol select').css('background','#FFF').removeAttr('disabled');

This toggles the 'disabled' attribute and background colour depending on whether it's ticked or not.

However, though the function is firing, the checkbox is still visually checked.

I've made a jsfiddle to illustrate at http://jsfiddle.net/EFQuh/. The error occurs in Firefox 8.0, not sure about others.


I don't know what is the problem (probably the toggle function), but you can simplify your code to:

    $('.billing-address ol input, .billing-address ol select')
        .css('background-color', this.checked ? '#CCC' : '#FFF')




You need to use the change event and check this.checked within the event's function.

  • There are two toggle functions: api.jquery.com/toggle-event – Felix Kling Dec 12 '11 at 13:15
  • Bugger. I wondered how the functionality was actually working. I'll remove that line from the answer, thanks. – Connell Dec 12 '11 at 13:17

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