This is how my classes look like:

public abstract class BaseForm extends Z{
    protected String someString;

    public String getSomeString(){
        return this.someString;

    public void setSomeString(String some){
        this.someString = some;

public abstract class AdvancedForm extends BaseForm{
    protected Something selectedThing;
    protected List<Something> listOfThings;

    public Something getSelectedThing(){
        return this.selectedThing;

    public void setSelectedThing(Something thing){
        this.selectedThing = thing;

    public List<Something> getListOfThings(){
        return this.listOfThings;

    public void setListOfThings(List<Something> list){
        this.listOfThings = list;

public class FinalForm extends AdvancedForm{
    //Lot of stuff done here

So I have something similar to what you can see above. The problem comes when I create a JSP and it tries to call the get/setListOfThings methods.

    <html:select name="FinalForm" property="selectedThing">
        <html:optionsCollection name="FinalForm" property="listOfThings" label="label" value="value" />

I know I'm missing something here (struts-config.xml and tiles-def.xml exist and are correct), but my point of view is that struts should be calling the FinalForm's setListOfThings method. And this should be calling the AdvancedForm's setListOfThings method (which is the one implemented) because FinalForm is extending AdvancedForm and I'm not overriding the method in the FinalForm.

Anyhow, this is not working and I don't know what's wrong. The only way it works is if I override the method and call explicitly the setListOfThings from the AdvancedForm.

public class FinalForm extends AdvancedForm{
    public List<Something> getListOfThings(){
        return super.getListOfThings();

I want to avoid that overriding because the point of creating the AdvancedForm class is to remove a lot of functionality that most of my forms are using (but not all of them, this is the reason for the existence of BaseForm and AdvanceForm classes).

Any ideas why this is not working? Any ideas to improve this? Anyone can explain to me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance!


Your function will definitely work great. But if you are rendering the result in struts json it will not get super class properties. If it is json you have to define your struts.xml in following way

<result type="json">
  <param name="ignoreHierarchy">false</param>

Similar discussion: How to include parent class fields in json response using struts 2 json plugin


You need to make the method public instead of protected in the superclass, otherwise the Struts classes won't be able to see it.

  • Thanks for the answer. That's my mistake, the getters and setters are all public, I'm going to edit the question – Carlos Pastor Dec 12 '11 at 14:56

It's not working only because the method is protected. Once you override it, it works because you make the overriding method public.

Just make the base methods public and (almost) everything will be OK.

Once the form is submitted, the setSelectedThing method should be called. The problem is that Struts is not able to magically transform the String parameter it receives in the request into a Something instance. Your getter and setter for the selectedThing property should use String rather than Something.

  • Sorry, I wrote protected instead of public in the methods. They already are public (getters and setters). Do I have to do the same with the variables? – Carlos Pastor Dec 12 '11 at 15:00
  • I've edited my answer. The variables should be private. Struts and the JSP EL only access properties via their getter and setter. – JB Nizet Dec 12 '11 at 15:05
  • I tried to change everything in the AdvancedForm to public but it does not work. The only way it works is if I create the getters and setters in the FinalForm and this methods call the super methods. – Carlos Pastor Dec 12 '11 at 15:42

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