Is there a way to render a BasicDBObject into Map<String,String> with MongoDB/Java?

public Map<String,String> getObjectByKeyValue(String dbname, String collname, String key, String value) {

    Map<String,String> result = new HashMap<String, String>();

    DB db = mongo.getDB(dbname);
    DBCollection coll = db.getCollection(collname);

    BasicDBObject query = new BasicDBObject();
    query.put(key, value);
    DBCursor cur = coll.find(query);
    while (cur.hasNext()){
        DBObject obj = (DBObject) cur.next(); // Correct, or use BasicDBObject?
        // How to get each pair stored in the object be pushed into a Map<String,String> ?
    return result;

You can call toMap() function on BasicBSONObject which returns LinkedHashMap<String,Object>

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