i would like to add a route that is only available in test environment, so i would prefer not to pollute routes.rb file. i cannot seem to find a working way to add a route dynamically after original routes were drawn. i tried this https://gist.github.com/1351762 but that didn't quite work

How can I add a new route after routes.rb has already loaded and processed all the routes?

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The with_routing test helper redefines routes within a block.

 with_routing do |map|
   map.draw do
    resources :test, only: [:show]

   get :show
   assert assigns(:test)

After some tries and errors, I found that:

Rails.application.routes.eval_block(Proc.new do                                                                             
  get "/backdoor", :to => "backdoors#backdoor"                                                                         

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