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I have an issue that my idiot web host support team cannot solve, so here it is:

When I'm working on a site, and I'm uploading many files here and there (small files, most of them a few dozen lines at most, php and js files mostly, with some png and jpg files), after multiple uploads in a very short timeframe, the FTP chokes on me. It cuts me off with a "refused connection" error from the server end as if I am brute-force attacking the server, or trying to overload it. And then after 30 minutes or so it seems to work again.

I have a dedicated server with inmotion hosting (which I do NOT recommend, but that's another story - I have too many accounts to switch over), so I have access to all logs etc. if you want me to look.

Here's what I have as settings so far:

  • I have my own IP on the whitelist in the firewall.
  • FTP settings have maximum 2000 connections at a time (Which I am nowhere near close to hitting - most of the accounts I manage myself, without client access allowed)
  • Broken Compatibility ON
  • Idle time 15 mins
  • On regular port 21
  • regular FTP (not SFTP)
  • access to a sub-domain of a major domain

Anyhow this is very frustrating because I have to pause my web development work in the middle of an update. Restarting FTP on WHM doesn't seem to resolve it right away either - I just have to wait. However when I try to access the website directly through the browser, or use ping/traceroute commands to see if I can reach it, there's no problem - just the FTP is cut off.

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And you're absolutely stuck on using FTP? That's horrible. If your hosting provider doesn't provide SFTP or rsync or git or something -- anything -- better than FTP, I'd suggest moving. – sarnold Dec 13 '11 at 6:18
creature of habit - I'll just start using SFTP. – jeffkee Dec 20 '11 at 19:37

The ftp server is configured for such a behavior. If you cannot change its configuration (or switch to another ftp server program on the server), you can't avoid that.

For example vsftpd has many such configuration switches.

Going to something else like scp or ssh should help

(I'm not sure that calling idiot your web support team can help you)

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I had no idea this was a standard FTP behaviour. You'd think my web host team would know this stuff. I'm switching to SFTP perhaps. – jeffkee Dec 20 '11 at 19:37

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