I use eclipse-indigo and android 2.3.3_r1 and I download a string from a server in network.It is the content of docx file.

Can I receive a ParcelFileDescritor from it? I guess that MemoryFile can help me, because I saw getParcelFileDescriptor() method for it here and here, but when I'm writing my code in eclipse, I cannot find method getParcelFileDescriptor() in class android.os.MemoryFile.

Finally this is my question: is it possible without using socket()?

public ParcelFileDescriptor openFile(Uri uri){
      File f=new File(getContext().getFilesDir(),uri.getLastPathSegment());
      ParcelFileDescriptor pfd;
      try {
     catch (  FileNotFoundException e) {
        return null;
      return pfd;

getParcelFileDescriptor() is a package private method,so I could not found it in my class(that is in another package).I tried to access it by reflection but finally I understand that it return a suitable ParcelFileDescritor,if and only if,we create our MemoryFile as a reference to an existing memory file and in this case we want File descriptor from that existing memory file.So this method can not help us.Also it seems that in later versions of Android,this method is completely ignored and removed from class.

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