I'm having problems with JMeter's handling of unicode characters. When a sample response contains such characters, they are returned corrupted. For example, I'm using the dummy sampler with this response data:

Hauptschule Sankt Pýlten, Pottenbrunn

And JMeter returns:

Hauptschule Sankt P�lten, Pottenbrunn

I've set these properties in saveservice.properties and jmeter.properties respectively:


but it makes no difference.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks


Right property to set / change in jmeter.properties is


(if omitted default is ISO-8859-1)

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Add a BSF post processing element to the sampler with the following script:


That's what worked for me.

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    Just as a note: The BSF post processing is deprecated for some time and will be removed in 3.3 AFAIK. But of course this also works fine with a JSR223 PostProcessor when selecting either one of the beanshell or javascript languages. – Boris Mar 30 '17 at 7:45

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