I have the following HTML


  <caption>table title and/or explanatory text</caption>
      <td id=\"test\" width=\"272\"></td>
<a href=\"http://www.google.fi\" style=\"color:black\">Test link</a>
<a href=\"http://www.google.fi\"><img src=\"http://www.google.se/images/nav_logo95.png\" /></a>"

And I want to find the first link with jsoup and replace it with a text

Element elem = page.select("a[href=" + link.getUrl() + "]:contains(" + link.getName() + ")").first();

I can only replace the inner HTML with elem.html("foo") or print the outerHtml with elem.outerHtml()

Does anyone know how I can achieve this?


I found the answer!

TextNode text = new TextNode("foo", "");

Once you have found the element that you want to work with, you may apply the commands such as explained here: http://jsoup.org/cookbook/modifying-data/set-html

I could not get it right. I am trying this:

elemento.prepend("<a href='www.test.com'>");    
elemento.html("Roberto C. Santos.");                
elemento.wrap("<a href='www.test.com'> </a>");  

But I am getting this:

<td><a href="www.test.com"> <a style="" target="_self" title="" href="http://ivv.veveivv.vvzenes.com.br/mao/ara/ccacao" data-mce-href="resolveuid/5cc1c7c8c9efcacaaeedec22a9c69a54" class="internal-link">Roberto C. Santos.</a></a></td>

I still don´t know the exact way to exchange the contents of an URL element.

I´d like to have, as the result:

<a href='www.test.com'> Roberto C. Santos.</a>" 

How coul´d I erase the href that is inbetween?

  • The thing that I was doing not right was to get the wrong element to work with. The best way that I found, up to now, to select the right element is to loop over all the elements. A nested loop would help if still not finding the exact one. For example: for (Element elem: contElems){ if (elem.id()!="") System.out.println(elem.id()); Elements contElems1=contElems.select("href, a[href], a[data-href], link[href], a[title]"); for (Element elem1: contElems1){ // Put code here } // (or/and) put code here } Mar 1 '15 at 14:01

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