Can you help me how to set weight of solid line on JpGraph?

Line is created with

// Create the first line
$p1 = new LinePlot($datay1);
$p1->SetLegend('Line 1');

With this code, line weight is 1.

But if line is defined as


... weight of the line is 20px.

Can you tell me what I'm doing wrong in line definition. I need bolder solid line...

Thank you in advance!

  • it is kinda bug, have had the same issue, it still exists even in "newer" version – Daniel W. Aug 1 '13 at 8:50

I had similar problem, resolved by using $p1->SetStyle('solid') AFTER adding the lineplot to the graph:

    $p1 = new LinePlot($min_values);
    $p1->SetLegend("Minimum Values");

According to JPGraph documentation:

Lines will ignore any width and only have a single line-width of approximately=1. It is not possible to set the line width when anti-alias is used.

So, just use $graph->img->SetAntiAliasing(false);

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