I am working on kernel development in AOSP, and the kernel repository that I work on is not a part of the operating system. It has an individual git repository. So when I try to push all AOSP sources into the server, I cannot see the kernel sources there.

How can I add a repository (a project) into existing Android source tree?


I have found the answer at this link, but not exactly what I want.

Then I have pushed the kernel repository as a separate project (without using repo forall -c"git push ...).

  1. $ repo forall -c'git push ssh://username@myserver/my-aosp-project/$REPO_PROJECT HEAD:refs/heads/master'
  2. $ git push ssh://username@myserver/my-aosp-project/kernel.git HEAD:refs/heads/master

And also I have modified manifest.xml file (which is located in the server) by adding this

<project path="kernel" name="kernel" />

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