How can I verify some text in the title tag using Selenium WebDriver and java?

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You can do it easily by using JUnit or TestNG framework. Do the assertion as below:

String actualTitle = driver.getTitle();
String expectedTitle = "Title of Page";


assertTrue(driver.getTitle().contains("Title of Page"));

If you're using Selenium 2.0 / Webdriver you can call driver.getTitle() or driver.getPageSource() if you want to search through the actual page source.

In java you can do some thing like:

if(driver.getTitle().contains("some expected text"))
    System.out.println("Page title contains \"some expected text\" ");
    System.out.println("Page title doesn't contains \"some expected text\" ");

It could be done by getting the page title by Selenium and do assertion by using TestNG.

  1. Import Assert class in the import section:

    `import org.testng.Assert;`
  2. Create a WebDriver object:

    WebDriver driver=new FirefoxDriver();

  3. Apply this to assert the title of the page:

    Assert.assertEquals("Expected page title", driver.getTitle());

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