How many database systems there are that use JSON for storage or transport? I know of:

I remember I saw yet another vendor in a SO user's profile. That systems was using what they called binary JSON, but I can't remember the name of the product.

Lately, it appears that more and more DB projects are looking towards JSON for persistence storage. Some of them are even embracing HTTP as a transport layer.

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Persevere is another DB that is loaded up with JSON:


Primary transport is JSON HTTP/REST

Data is stored as JSON

It has a native JS/JSON client for running directly from the browser.

If you want a schema then it is defined using JSON

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MongoDb is the one that uses a binary JSON storage format. I don't know if there is another that is document oriented. Most of the others are key value stores and can only retrieve an object based on one key.

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    One minor thing to note is that "binary JSON" is sort of misnomer: it should be more like "binary JSON-like format". This because it has both more datatypes than JSON (extension); and because it can not express all legal JSON values and constructs (subset) due to size limitations (size prefixes of limited size).
    – StaxMan
    Apr 1, 2010 at 6:14

This is a non-authoritative list.

Source: Wikipedia - Document Oriented Databases


postgresql recently added a json datatype

postgre json datatype


MongoDB does not use JSON but BSON.

RethinkDB is a document oriented database with a JSON data model, which supports sharding and replication


Take a look at Basho's Riak. It has a number of things in common with CouchDB: Erlang-based, Javascript MapReduce API, HTTP transport, JSON document format and multi-master replication. It doesn't aim to be quite as simple as CouchDB (CouchDB is more "opinionated"), but they give you a lot of options for adjusting CAP parameters to meet the needs of your application, per-write.

  • Also has automatic scale-out and scale-in. Another big plus over CouchDB, for some use cases, is Riak's support for "links" (essentially pointers). It's a real shame it hasn't caught on as much as some of the others...
    – user359996
    Oct 5, 2010 at 1:43

If you want to store your JSON document in AppEngine's Datastore, you can have a look at Ubud-db, https://bitbucket.org/f94os/ubud-db/wiki Ubud-db is a Document store on AppEngine with a REST-JSON API.

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