is it possible to search for the a control on a webform, where you just want to match "anything" for part of it ie:

I have various buttons on a page - which take the id format: ID#(id1)#(id2)#(date) - for example:


I want to pass the (id1) and (date) in a querystring, and then have jQuery search for the first control on the page, which matches the (id1) and (date) and any (id2) - so for example, I pass 8252 and 2011-12-18 - so how would I find the first control above, from jQuery?


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Instead of using the #id selector, you can combine multiple attribute selectors, which filters the id attribute (one for the beginning of the id, one for the end):


To select only the first match, use the :first selector (not the same as the :first-child selector!)


See http://api.jquery.com/category/selectors/ for reference.



It seems that these selectors can be used even with IE7, if you want to use them in plain CSS.

  • It is possible for it to find the first control, and then stop after that? Thanks again, Mark
    – Mark
    Dec 19, 2011 at 15:14

You'll want to use a filter in your selector, as discussed in jQuery selector regular expressions. (Check nickf's response for an example).


I found this to be most helpful jquery-wildcard-selectors-some-simple-examples

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