I need to get last record from db. I'm using sqlalchemy. At the moment, I'm doing like that:

obj = ObjectRes.query.all()
return str(obj[-1].id)

But it's too heavy query. How can I get last record better?

  • "Last" could have done with a clear definition here. In a system with concurrent updates the most recently allocated id and the most recently committed id may not be the same, for example transaction A allocates id 42, transaction B allocates id 43, transaction B commits, then transaction A commits. Which is "last"? Aug 28 at 14:47

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Take a look at Query.first(). If you specify a sort on the right column, the first will be your last. An example could look like this:

obj = session.query(ObjectRes).order_by(ObjectRes.id.desc()).first()
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    @dimazubrik I get a warning using by using it SAWarning: Can't resolve label reference '-id'; converting to text() (this warning may be suppressed after 10 occurrences) Nov 7, 2018 at 14:44
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    ^ This has now become an error; I used Model.query.order_by(-Model.field_name).first() to retrieve the desired object
    – Pratik K.
    Oct 9, 2019 at 20:40
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    Does this actually return all values of the query and then just pop the first one (ie. super inefficient) or is it smart enough to actually to something like ORDER BY desc LIMIT 1 under the hood? Aug 24, 2020 at 17:25
  • @AdamHughes you could specify this with a .limit() modifier such as session.query(ObjectRes).order_by(ObjectRes.id.desc()).limit(1) Dec 28, 2022 at 3:43

Sometimes it is difficult to reformulate simple things:


but this worked for me:

session.query(ObjectRes).filter(ObjectRes.id == session.query(func.max(ObjectRes.id)))

Don't forget to disable existing ordering if needed

In my case I have dynamic ordered relationships:

class Match:
  records = relationship("Record", backref="match", lazy="dynamic", order_by="Record.id")

And when I tried accepted answer I got first record, not the last, cause ORDER BY were applied twice and spoiled the results.

According to documentation:

All existing ORDER BY settings can be suppressed by passing None

So the solution will be:

match = db_session.query(Match).first()
last_record = match.records.order_by(None).order_by(Record.id.desc()).first()

This answer modifies the others to allow for cases where you don't know what the primary key is called.

from sqlalchemy.inspection import inspect
# ...
def last_row(Table: type, *, session): # -> Table
    primary_key = inspect(Table).primary_key[0].name # must be an arithmetic type
    primary_key_row = getattr(Table, primary_key)
    # get first, sorted by negative ID (primary key)
    return session.query(Table).order_by(-primary_key_row).first()

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