I have a WEBSITE table like so:

web ID | url         | progress
1      | example.com | 67

I have a PROGRESS table like so:

progress id | linking website id | amount to increase
1           | 1                  | 60
2           | 1                  | 7

When a row is inserted into PROGRESS using INSERT INTO,

I use php and mysql to get the accumulative values FROM the PROGRESS table, and then store the new value into the progress value FROM the WEBSITE table.


I was wondering if I could use these triggers I've been hearing about to automatically sum up the new progress value and store it?

Is this possible?

  • Just a quick note- you've misspelled amount in your table schema, there should only be one m - might make for a nice gotcha for future developers :) Dec 19 '11 at 0:15
  • HAHAA I've always spelt it with 2 m's ... I've never actually realised... cheers:) Dec 19 '11 at 0:33

You don't really need to use a trigger, you can just add the progress to the existing row in website but if you wanted to try a trigger you can use the following

delimiter $$

CREATE TRIGGER progress_update AFTER INSERT ON `progress`
    UPDATE `website` SET `progress` = `progress` + NEW.ammount_to_increase WHERE web_ID = NEW.linking_website_id;

delimiter ;

You can also find further information on the syntax and use of triggers in on the manual page 12.1.11. CREATE TRIGGER Syntax

  • I realised now that i dont need to use triggers! but thankyou for the example provide:) Dec 19 '11 at 0:31

You could use triggers, but you don't need to; just do this:

update website set 
progress = progress + ?
where web_id = ?

And take you values from your query. This is guaranteed to work, because the update is atomic (you don't have to worry about other processes inserting/updating concurrently)

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