I want to add an autoupdate feature to my application and I discovered NetSparkle and SparkleDotNET.

Anyone know one of these libraries? What are their pros and cons?



it looks like sparkledotnet is under dev. no help. no comments. no downloads... so i wouldn't use it.


NetSparkle (originally from CodePlex) has been forked on GitHub by jimgraham and is on active development there with many forks. Also it has packages on NuGet feed - made from one of its forks on GitHub (personally I don't know from which one, but by the name of the packages author I think it's from this fork). Documentation is poor. The system itself is stable enough.

SparkleDotNET is not in active development since 2011-11-10 and has no contributors. I have not tried it solely because of this facts.

One more alternative I found useful is NAppUpdate. It has clever author, clear infrastructure and good documentation

Choose wisely.

  • Thanks for the update, it is always appreciated! – Jérémie Bertrand Apr 15 '14 at 13:22

I will go with AutoUpdater.NET : Auto update library for VB.NET and C# Developer. Better documentation and easy to integrate.

I am the author of the library.

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