Looking for linq query to fill a list with month + year for example (January 2012)

starting form current month

   var currentdate = System.DateTime.Now

If Dec 2011 is the current month then list should be like this

December 2011 January 2012 ...... November 2012


I'm editing to turn my sample code into a method that I might almost use in production because it's more testable and culture-aware:

public IEnumerable GetMonths(DateTime currentDate, IFormatProvider provider)
    return from i in Enumerable.Range(0, 12)
           let now = currentDate.AddMonths(i)
           select new
               MonthLabel = now.ToString("MMMM", provider),
               Month = now.Month,
               Year = now.Year

This outputs (on a French computer):

LINQPad Output

var months = 
    Enumerable.Range(0, 12).
    Select(n => DateTime.Today.AddMonths(n)).
    Select(d = new { Year = d.Year, Month = d.Month });

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