I have bunch of gems on my computer that I want to use in a chef recipe.

I know it is possible to put them in a directory like /tmp/gems and just:

cd /tmp/gems
gem install *.gem

Is it possible to put all gems in one directory where I can install them with bundler without downloading them again?

cd /somedir/my_rails_project

I want to save bandwidth.


You can add local directories to your Gemfile (example from the docs):

gem "nokogiri", :path => "~/sw/gems/nokogiri"

Alternatively, you can set up a local Git repository with the gems in it and write a Gemfile like this:

gem "gem1", :git    => "file:///tmp/gems",
            :branch => "gem1"
  • That is a solution, but it would be better if it is transparent (No changes in my Gemfile). – ayckoster Dec 19 '11 at 22:55
  • You can write script for install gems (with gem install) from your cache. – avy Dec 20 '11 at 10:26

bundle install --local should be what you want. From the bundle-install manpage:

    Do not attempt to connect to rubygems.org, instead using just the 
    gems located in vendor/cache. Note that if a more appropriate 
    platform-specific gem exists on rubygems.org, this will bypass 
    the normal lookup.
  • 1
    And if deploying (with capistrano or similar) use --deployment and make sure to symlink vendor/bundle to shared/vendor_bundle or similar (as mentioned in bundler.io/v1.5/deploying.html) – Simon B. Mar 20 '14 at 11:31


bundle package

Locks and then caches the gems into ./vendor/cache.

The package command will copy the .gem files for your gems in the bundle into ./vendor/cache. Afterward, when you run bundle install, Bundler will use the gems in the cache in preference to the ones on rubygems.org.



You can use the BUNDLE_CACHE_PATH configuration key:

cache_path (BUNDLE_CACHE_PATH): The directory that bundler will place cached gems in when running bundle package, and that bundler will look in when installing gems. Defaults to vendor/bundle.

Source: https://bundler.io/v1.16/bundle_config.html#LIST-OF-AVAILABLE-KEYS

In GitLab CI, I defined this value in the environment of runners: "BUNDLE_CACHE_PATH=/cache-ci/bundle", this directory is mounted automatically in CI runners.

Then bundle install will install gems from the cache directory (once cache will be populated).


If you want to use a local cache for the purpose of speeding up bundle install on CI, for example when a docker container is used to run the tests, you could use --path. This will use gems in the given path unless they are not present, otherwise it will download them to that location.

This assumes the CI build can mount a persistent volume inside the docker container. So for example if the CI machine has a directory /var/cache/drone which can be mounted in the docker container as ./cache then you can do:

bundle install --without=development --quiet --path=cache
  • It installs the gems in the cache directory instead of using it as a cache: Bundled gems are installed into /cache-ci/bundle. – A.L Aug 27 '18 at 17:38
  • I believe it installs them there first time, i.e. if they do not already exist, then uses those installed on subsequent bundle installs. See: bundler.io/bundle_install.html – Kris Aug 28 '18 at 14:50

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