I have run junit and it shows the results in Junit console, then i do a export of the result, it is saved as some test.xml. now i want to generate a html report out of it how do i do it ? MY project is complex and i cant do as a normal

<target name ="test" depends="run-tests">
    <junitreport todir="${reports}">
        <fileset dir="${reports}/raw/">
            <include name="TEST-*.xml"/>
        <report format="frames" todir="${reports}\html\"/>

anybody any tool that can be used to convert the results in xml to a html format.

  • Can you be more specific, why doesn't it work with the ant junit task as normal? – Matthew Farwell Dec 21 '11 at 12:49
  • Sure, you could call all the same stuff the Ant task does, or write your own transform. But ew; I can't imagine why that would be necessary. – Dave Newton Dec 21 '11 at 12:52

Not 100% sure what you're asking but heck here's my ant code for doing a JUnit batch test then a HTML report using the XML formatter...

   <junit showoutput="on" printsummary="on" fork="false" haltonfailure="false"
      <pathelement path="${build.classpath}"/>
      <pathelement path="${classes}"/>
    <batchtest todir="${unittests.results}">
      <fileset dir="${classes}">
        <include name="${batchtest.prefix}@{test}_test.class" />
      <formatter type="xml"/>
  <junitreport todir="${unittests.results}">
    <fileset dir="${unittests.results}"/>
    <report todir="${unittests.results}"/>

note that the @{test} is because its part of a macrodef within the build.xml file.

From what you said in the question, its unsure if you're using the <formatter type="xml">.

Anyway hope that helps

oh and dont mix your slashes ${reports}\html\" > ${reports}/html/"


Given just the junit xml file (and python) you can convert the xml junit report file into a single self-contained HTML file using junit2html. https://github.com/inorton/junit2html

I had wanted a tool that does this for quite a long time so finally sat down the other day and had a go. It is pure python so should work on any platform as a stand-alone tool.

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