I have multiple unordered lists on my page. In each list, I want to show only the first five list items by default, then have a link that toggles the display of the remaining items on and off.

I started off with this:

$("ul li").slice(5).hide();

But that ends up hiding all items in all lists except for the first five in the first list, because they all get counted together.

How can I do this but have it affect each list individually (note that I can't add unique IDs to each list)?


You would need to use the each function to do this for each and every <ul> you have. Try something like this:


Then use some code like this to show them all:


Here is a jsfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/F8ByE/

Hope this helps :)


You can iterate each ul elements and then hide li elements

$("ul").each(function() {

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