I'm developing a Firefox Extension. I added a new item to the "Tools" Menu to open my extension, but I would like to add a keyboard shortcut to open my extension (something like 'control + alt + x').


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The commands key is a good way to do this these days; for instance to toggle the main extension pop up (known as the browser_action), use the following in manifest.json:

"commands": {
  "_execute_browser_action": {
    "suggested_key": {
      "default": "Ctrl+Shift+Y"

This also exposes an entry in the Add-ons Manager -> Manage Extension Shortcuts settings area where the user can re-map the keyboard shortcut.

Read more on the documentation page: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Add-ons/WebExtensions/manifest.json/commands

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I've found it by myself

<keyset id="mainKeyset"> <key id="key_convert" key="x" modifiers="accel alt" oncommand="OpenMyAddOn()"/> </keyset> 

If you need to add shortcut key to Firefox own menu to execute addon action, then you need to edit extension\content\firebug\firefox\browserMenu.js and add accesskey:

    // Firefox page context menu
    $menupopupOverlay(doc, $(doc, "contentAreaContextMenu"), [
            id: "menu_ext",
            accesskey: "s"

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