So I have built a website and I looked at it on internet explorer 7 and the menu bar is seriously misaligned. I looked into conditional comments and tried it out, and I don't know if I'm missing something. I put the conditional comment in the head tag of the website and then created a css style sheet just for ie7 and it didn't seem to do anything. Can someone tell me if there is a quick fix to this situation or a step by step to the conditional comment and custom stylesheet method? Any kind of help would be appreciated. Thanks. The website is here http://sgconstruction.org. The CSS involves a float of the page links to the left and a float right on the facebook and yelp icons within the blue bar. Both positions are relative. Thanks!


The issue involves the CSS you are using for your #connectguy <div>. This element is a block-level element which you have set to display: inline-block. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer 7 only recognizes inline-block on elements which are inline by default. You can work around this by setting the <div> to display: inline in your IE7 stylesheet.


check applying * before the css property you likes to apply for ie7 and below browsers only. for eg:

#test {*color: #999;   /*hack for IE7 and below*/

        color: #F00;/*for all other browsers*/}

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