Is there a VIM command / key combination that would do something like dt/mystring (which doesn't work)?

dta tries to find letter a on current line, but I'd like to delete everything up to searched string (possibly on some other line).

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Try this


It won't delete the string itself.

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    This does the job. After the deletion, I have to press :noh to remove the highlighting of search term. Is there a way to delete till search string and not highlight further searches?
    – Sudheer
    Apr 18, 2017 at 12:03

d/mystring deletes everything up to mystring

Edit: aww, too slow :/


Greg Reynolds provided a working solution.
Alternatively if the search pattern is already defined, use:


the n motion is exclusive, so the first character of your pattern won't be eaten.

Another alternative with the Easymotion plugin you can use <leader><leader>t<first letter of pattern (typically leader is backslash) ; then the character just before the pattern will turn into a letter; type this letter and you're done.


This is how you can do it without search highlighting and messing your / buffer:

d:echo search('yourpattern')<CR>

For instance, to delete until line starting with 'function':

d:echo search('^function')<CR>

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